Claudio Acioly
Curriculum Vitae

Claudio Acioly has more than 25 years of experience and has worked in more than 20 countries as practitioner, technical advisor, development consultant and training and capacity building expert. As a housing practitioner, Claudio has an all-round experience with the design, implementation and management of citywide slum upgrading programmes drawn from various years of work in Brasilia and in the city of Bissau. He has also drafted housing policy documents and managed participatory area-based planning processes in these cities. He has worked with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies-IHS for 15e years as the coordinator of all housing and land policy related programmes. He managed long-term institution building projects in Egypt, Bulgaria and Rotterdam substantively focusing on training, and capacity building and institutional & policy reforms in the housing sector. In Moldova, Armenia and Albania he worked closely with the national governments, World Bank, UNDP, UNECE and local stakeholders, including NGO’s in the preparation of broad housing reform programmes. This experience influenced the design of a capacity building programme focusing on the maintenance and management of high-rise multi-family housing in countries of CEE, sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Housing, where condominium organisations and energy efficiency measures played a vital role. He also worked closely with the municipalities of Sand Andre, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Cruz de la Sierra as well as with NGO’s in Recife and Davao city and different institutions in Cuba focusing on a variety themes. Some worth noting are capacity building of municipal staff, institutional and stakeholders analysis in support to municipal programes such as the Santo Andre's participatory budgeting and city strategic plan, the Rio's favela-bairro upgrading programme and rio-cidade urban revitalization programmes, Santa Cruz's municipal information systems and Cuba's housing and urban rehabilitation programme.

Claudio has undertaken many applied research and was responsible for a process mapping research in 7 cities that resulted in a book entitled "Knocking at the Mayor's Door: participatory urban management in 7 cities" that was launched during World Urban Forum III, Vancouver, 2006.

He has published widely and has authored 5 books on themes varying from neighbourhood upgrading to urban density and participatory urban management. He has worked previously for
UN-HABITAT with the Health & Crowding Programme in Guinea-Bissau and the SCP/LA21 in Mozambique, Senegal, Cuba, Kenya and Tanzania. He is currently the chief Housing Policy of UN-HAB ITAT.


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