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Aerial photography of body of water between buildings.
Claudio Acioly Jr
Architect and urban planner
Housing, slum upgrading, urban management and planning, and capacity building.
From policy to implementation.

Affordable housing

SDG11.1, housing policies, housing rights, programming, and implementation.

Slum upgrading

Design, planning and implementation of area-based projects and city-wide slum upgrading programmes, informal settlement regularization, and land tenure.

Urban planning and design

Spatial planning, labs, preparation and institutionalisation, team building, and coaching.

Capacity building

Training needs assessment, interactive learning tools, demand-driven training, design and delivery of senior executive city labs, lecturing, full-fledged training from design to follow-up training impact assessment.

Project development

Programme development, project design and project cycle management.

Facilitation and moderation

Advanced moderation and facilitation of conferences, symposiums, panels, keynote addresses, staff retreats, policy dialogues and professional roundtables.


News appearances

Work process

process image

01. Brainstorming

The first step is to take all the projects data & anlysis and think about it!

process image

02. Prototype

To know everything about the product, customers & the competitors.

process image

03. Design

Start to work on the design taking in mind all the data you have collected

process image

04. Evaluation

Reach a conclusion from the investigations about the product you work on.